Cabaret Décadanse



Cabaret Décadanse is the natural evolution from a previous adult puppet company, Soma International, that was founded in 1999 in Montreal by three puppeteer friends; Serge Deslauriers, Enock Turcotte and Raynald Michaud. Serge Deslauriers being the creative mind behind all the characters, was creating these puppets a little bit in secret. One night of laughter and booze, Enock Turcotte and Raynald Michaud, along with Serge Deslauriers improvised acts on chanteuse songs. After that evening, the trio decided to present a short show in the 1999 edition of Just for Laugh Festival. The show called Cabaret Décadanse won Public’s Choice Award and the company immediately started a world tour.



In 2003, puppeteer André-Anne LeBlanc joined the team and honed her skills with an MC character that is a hybrid between human and puppet.

In 2006, Producer Roger Parent, invited the trio to create a new mega production, Cabaret U-Mano, that counted 10 puppeteers and 29 puppets on stage.


Slinky-Serge square.jpg

In 2007 and 2012 respectively, Raynald Michaud then Enock Turcotte took different creative journeys and Soma International was dismantled. However, Serge Deslauriers partnered with André-Anne LeBlanc and continued to perform for circus/variety award winning shows La Clique and La Soirée.

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Today, Serge and André-Anne continue to create new acts together. From the skills passed down from her masters, André-Anne LeBlanc passionately conserve the original spirit of Cabaret Décadanse.

Cabaret Décadanse remain synonymous with emotion, sensuality and humour and continues to amaze audiences around the globe. And although Serge does not tour anymore, he is vital to the ongoing creative evolution of the company. We hope to see this duo still creating work together long into the future.