Cabaret Décadanse

Sexy puppets for adults

When the stars of Cabaret Décadanse hit the stage, you can expect an explosion of the sensuous kind. Slinky the disco diva, Edna the elderly passionista, Alma the stripper of the soul, Kiko the Latin lover, Wolly and Wolfgang the party animals, the criminally seductive Chica or the thing called Siba, are a few of the characters that will instantly captivate and charm the audience.
Cabaret Décadanse is a magical show that's outstanding by its good taste! Each musical act recreates life through the talent of master puppeteer-dancers, giving the impression of weightless ballet. Humour and breathtaking performances are enhanced by pitch perfect musical atmosphere. 
*Please be aware that past experience has shown that children appreciate the show greatly but, considering the sensuous aesthetics, it is preferable not to address the family or children audiences.
The show is transformable and can last from 7 minutes to 1h10, depending on the number of acts you select.