Cabaret Décadanse

Sexy puppets for adults

Serge Deslauriers worked for 17 years in the fashion industry as a stylist, makeup artist, event coordinator and sculptor before he discovered puppets in 1989. His previous knowledge, interest and curiosity for this new medium lead him to try his luck as a puppeteer in Théâtre Sans Fil (TSF). From 1990 to 1999, he took part in national and international tours of the TSF while designing puppets for several theatre companies. But the need to create his very own puppet world full of sensuality and frankly queer characters is urgent. After meeting Enock-Robin Turcotte, Raynald Michaud and Anne-Marie Panneton, they founded the company SOMA and created two flagship shows: Cabaret Décadanse and Cabaret U-Mano. Serge and his co-founders shared the same desires and aspirations to create a fun and symbiosis. For Serge like all puppeteers who perform with Cabaret Décadanse, the Art of Puppetry is the combination of movement and emotion.


Founding members: Serge Deslauriers, Enock-Robin Turcotte, Raynald Michaud, Anne-Marie Panneton

Puppeteers: Serge Deslauriers, André-Anne LeBlanc, Colin St-Cyr-Duhamel

André-Anne LeBlanc’s debut performance as a puppeteer was in 2003, with the same partner she still follows around the world today, Serge Deslauriers. Together, along with founding member Enock Turcotte, they toured the world with their first show Cabaret Décadanse, then second production, Cabaret U-Mano. A versatile performer and crafter, André-Anne has worked in every stage-related profession (sets, costumes, lighting, sound design, dubbing, dancing, puppet making, make-up, writing, directing, managing). She has also worked as a T.V. puppeteer on Robax commercials and for Yoopa, a canadian kids channel. However, her favorite thing is to explore with her puppeteer accomplice, new scenic languages and codes of adult puppetry and object manipulation. Along with Deslauriers, she treasures a musical, burlesque-inspired style where the puppeteers are part of the performance, and sometimes, part of the puppet itself. She is now building the corporate wing of the company and works to make Cabaret Décadanse available for events and private parties.

Photographer: Louis-Martin LeBlanc